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Palimony is the financial support that is awarded by the court to a person after a long-term relationship ends where the parties were not married.

There have been changes to New Jersey law that affect the ability to file palimony claims. If you have questions about palimony agreements, call D’Alessandro & Cieckiewicz, P.C. to speak to a Jersey City palimony agreements attorney. We speak English and Polish.

Changes to New Jersey Palimony Law

The idea behind palimony is similar to alimony, but for long term couples who never married. When one person in that relationship did not work and only relied on a promise of financial support from their significant other, the state allowed for palimony claims when the promise was broken.

In 2010 the law was changed so that a palimony action cannot be brought against another unless the agreement was in writing, creating a need for palimony agreements.

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Drafting Your Palimony Agreements

Currently, New Jersey law only allows palimony claims when the agreement was in writing, signed by the party promising to provide financial support, and requires that each party was advised by his or her own separate attorney prior to signing the agreement.

The palimony or cohabitation agreement allows couples to decide how they want to share the responsibilities of their lives together and what will happen in the event of a breakup, similar to a prenuptial agreement for married couples.

Issues that can be clarified in the written agreement include:

  • Financial support provided by one party to another in case the relationship ends
  • Division of assets and debts
  • Ownership rights in shared property
  • Custody and visitation arrangements for children
  • Pet custody and care for shared pets

If you feel that your relationship would benefit from a written agreement, it is important to discuss the issue with your partner and contact a Jersey City palimony agreements lawyer for advice. Our attorneys have up to date information to help you craft an agreement that protects both parties in the relationship.

Prepare for any possibility in the future. Call (201) 561-8441 to have an attorney help you prepare a palimony agreement.


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